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Be Shakti (Murray)

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Spiritually athletic in nature and practice, Be finds gratitude in movement, stillness, and transition. The Gemini in her is most clearly expressed through being an old soul, and yet maintaining a deep connection to her inner child. The balance of the two being currently explored as the sacred feminine: intuitive, loving, energetic, fierce, playful. She teaches sequencing that is traditional, spiritual and geometric -with boundaries of line and space that do not limit, but rather guide and show oneself - to oneself. Exposing one's strengths, as well as one's vulnerabilities. Freeing the spirit, igniting the soul. Be graduated from NYU's Gallatin School with the concentration of Human Wellness, Addiction, and Culture Studies and completed her original 200 hour training in Todos Santos, Mexico at the Yandara Yoga Institute. As an ERYT she has completed advanced trainings with Manju Pattahbi Jois in the Primary Series of Ashtanga, Hala Khouri in Teaching Yoga to At Risk Adults and Youth, Allison Eaton in Reiki Master Training, as well as through personal one-on-one mentorship with Lauren Imparato of I.AM.YOU. Be is thankful for these teachers as well as Raghunath , Sondra Loring and Erika Hildebrandt for their continued inspirations and teachings on and off the mat.


  • Yoga: Vinyasa
  • Yoga: Yin
  • Yoga: Ashtanga


  • ERYT
  • Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Reiki Master

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