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Fergus Higgins

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Fergus teaches yoga because he believes it brings you physical strength & flexibility and emotional centering. He started yoga because of a "singing" sciatica and lower back problems and found that yoga healed him so he delved deeper in both Om yoga and Anusara traditions. He is a graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in finance and from Om yoga's 500-hour advanced teacher training. He has also taken Anusara yoga immersions and a teacher training. He incorporates modern science (we are all connected biologically, chemically and atomically), the precious insights of compassion, impermanence and mindfulness into his classes, with an undertow that the universe is benevolent. Follow Fergus on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fogayoga and Twitter at www.twitter.com/fogayoga

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Sunrise express with Fergus Higgins @ Sacred Sounds Yoga

by User2806 January 10, 2013

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