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Missy means business.

by IHateYoga on January 15, 2014

When I first saw Melissa Paris pop up on the Exceed schedule, I thought it was a mistake. I had seen her name on Classtivity (I think), and read SweatPump's review of her class previously. But I love off-hours classes, and always want to try someone hardcore. Which she is. Because by 10 minutes in, I was dumping so much sweat on the floor it probably looked like I peed myself or something. Which might explain why my memory sucks for this review, and I know I will have effed up the order of the exercises.

To start, she came and introduced herself to me (as "Missy," which seems totally deceiving bc this girl was hardcore), and asked about any injuries.
I think there were some single-leg relevé knee hugs, high knees, jacks.
Then went into some warm-up rounds (I think this was warm-up)
squat hold/squat jumps for 30 seconds each (3 rounds)
pushups/something I can't remember but def not a plank (same rounds as above)
Then she told you to grab a box (the steps they use at exceed... I think they're 12 or 18"?) or a bosu. I didn't realize that this was not going to be a typical Exceed class, and whatever you picked you were stuck with for the rest of class. I kind of wish I could've had both, but I just met this chick and didn't want to seem greedy.
We would do 3 exercises for 3 rounds, usually 30-45 seconds each, depending on the exercise. At the time I remember thinking each set focused on one body part, but reading back the below, some part of my memory is clearly off.
box jumps/bosu jumps (straddling the bosu)
lunges with back leg on the box/bosu (could add a jump at the top to modify)
side to sides over the bosu/box, landing in squat
pistol squats, starting seated on the box/bosu (most people gave up and grabbed the TRX instead)
tricep dips on the box/tricep pushups on the floor for those who picked bosu
wall sits
elevated pushups on box or bosu (ball side up)
super single toe taps (on box or bosu)
(insert something else here because I have apparently banished it from my memory as well)
*** 50-40-30-20-10 x2 sequence next, where we did 50 high knees, 40 bicycles, 30 mountain climbers, 20 pushups, 10 burpees, then immediately repeated
4) abs section: planks with hip dips, sideways crunch v-ups (legs extended - not a fan... it kind of felt like I was grinding my hip bone into the ground), full sit-ups with arms extended
Seriously, this class was harder than most Exceed classes. Or maybe just more cardio intense, since there was no kettlebell or TRX work so my heart rate was just balls out my chest. But the key with Missy, as noted previously, is that she does not believe in breaks. She would demo the next exercise after each superset, but then be like "once you understand the exercise START," so in reality that's like a 5-10 second break. Don't get me wrong, most people did not start immediately, because after all, this is Exceed. But if you follow her instructions, you basically end up doing what I did: fondly look forward to the 3 30 second wall sits as a break and use them to chug water.
Overall, I definitely want to come back to Missy's class at Exceed. It's not your typical Exceed class (with rotating stations), as everyone was doing the same thing at the same time. I'm not 100% sure this is sustainable for a big class, because space might come into play. I do wish there had been more form corrections, though, especially since everyone in class is doing the same thing - shouldn't it be easier to spot and fix bad form? (E.g. I know my pushup form went to shit near the end - call me out on it!) There were also some music issues, but this was just because she was new to the digs. But I woke up sore as balls Tuesday (which is getting rarer for me), and that's what I liked the most. (I will have to keep going back to see if she can supplant Gabe as my fav at Exceed though... but all of his classes are full all the time now... damn resolutioners.)
I understand that 12:00pm on Mondays (her only timeslot) is not possible for everyone, but hey... next Monday is a federal holiday, so sign up now. Actually, don't. I take that back. Stay home. I hate crowded classes.

  • SweatPump January 15, 2014

    I am DYING to take her at Exceed and was signed up like a month in advance for her mlk mon noon class and she is actually traveling and will not be there and NO. Now more than after (bc of your review) I am BEGGING to throw missy up on the weekend one day. PLEASE. I want to feel how you felt. Also which do you recommend ... box or Bosu for the exercises? Usually is go with Bosu but maybe box might be easier for the exercises you described? Loving your reviews. Xoxo

  • IHateYoga January 16, 2014

    I say go bosu, because the extra height of the box isn't worth the tradeoff for the stability muscles you have to engage on the bosu. But I am like, the least balanced person ever, so I need the work. (Though honestly next time, if the class isn't packed, I will probably take both.)

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