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Private Session with Lauren Taus @ Equinox

by rocky312 on March 9, 2014

Lauren’s approach to yoga is down to earth and refreshing, and my weekly time in her class is one of the best parts of the week. Lauren is extremely talented in her practice of yoga, and also invokes subtle mantras and a positive vibe in to the yoga practice. What I appreciate most about this aspect of the program is that it is very accessible and not over-the-top from a spiritual point of view. In addition to some mantras (“be sweet with yourself”), Lauren uses positive imagery and is always encouraging with the poses.  

One of the most appealing aspects of practicing with Lauren is that the session feels like a holistic, therapeutic experience. It is always a challenging workout, and we often push our limits, but there is much more to the entire experience. It is meditative, positive, encouraging and authentic.
Lauren is young and modern, but also mature and wise beyond her years with a sincerity that is difficult to find not only among instructors but among people overall. The practice strikes me as applicable for the urban lifestyle, contemporary, and avoids falling in to the “new age” category. This is something that is important to myself and I believe many of my contemporaries. Overall, practicing with Lauren is the best yoga experience I've had to date.

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