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Slow Flow Yoga with Alexa Silvaggio @ Equinox
Best part of my week!

by Burner9025 on March 20, 2014

Alexa is a phenomenal, approachable, warm, fun, and inspiring instructor with a great energy. I recommend her and her Slow Flow class in particular for yogis of all levels. Her Slow Flow class is well attended but never uncomfortably packed and she will walk the room throughout so you never have a "bad" spot. She doesn't really give too many adjustments but she is very clear in her direction and may mention to the whole class if she is noticing some alignment issues overall. She always offers variations and really emphasizes form over flexibility. Her music is always great and she exudes positivity while also remaining very real. She manages to be an enviable yogi while still remaining relatable and very down to earth. The class is a welcome reprieve from the work week and purposefully moves as a slower pace than most yoga classes. If you are looking for a burn her Vinyasa classes are also great but I highly recommend Slow Flow for a relaxing way to loosen up, have some fun, and  even be a bit inspired.

  • User2983 March 20, 2014

    Alexa is a bad ass, sweet, loving, compassionate...and still a bad ass

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