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Hot Power with Lauren Taus @ Pure Yoga
Lauren Taus is truly a NYC gem

by Burner10043 on April 3, 2014

I've taken classes all over NYC and LA, at Equinox, Pure, Modo, Bikram, etc. Lauren is truly one of the best teachers I have taken for so many reasons. Her classes are challenging, yet deeply meditative. Lauren has a gift of making everyone in the room feel like they are special, like they are taking a private one-on-one class with her. Taking her class, you can definitely tell that she has unlimited knowledge about the yoga poses, yet she still gives her students space to learn and grow on their own. Her touch is gentle and loving, her words inspirational and deep, and her classes are empowering and memorable. Please take her class. I am currently in LA and wish there were more teachers like Lauren out here. She is a gift to the yoga community.

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