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Studio Cycling with Lindsay Carson @ Chalk Gyms
"You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are"

by TheCycleManCan on April 15, 2014

...was the mantra Lindsay repeated several times during the 45 minutes my heart was pumping, quads were firing and sweat was poring down my face.

I snuck out of the office for a lunchtime ride at Chalk Gyms with Lindsay, best decision I could have made on a Monday!  Clearly, Lindsay has built a following of dedicated, drenched riders.  She focuses her class on more than just the beat of the music or the next hill; there are challenges to change your mindset, to dismiss the negative and go after the positive.
The playlist was excellent and synced up to our ride perfectly.  Lindsay's musicality shows in her cueing.  I always knew what was happening.  I'm hoping once the AC is kicked on full blast, the windows can be closed and the volume pumped up a little more, when the beat drops and we push, I love to feel the bass pounding.
The course was challenging, lots of hills and descents in just the right places.  It's refreshing to ride with a certified instructor who understands the physiology of cycling, the ride was designed to push our physical limits, but no crazy stuff that destroys joints.
If you're looking for a cycling class in Williamsburg, I highly recommend Lindsay at Chalk Gyms (the facilities are gorgeous).  She's the perfect blend of inspiration and motivation without letting you settle for less than your all. 
Yes, we ARE stronger than we often give ourselves credit for!

  • Lindsay Carson April 15, 2014

    Thank you thank you a million times THANK YOU. Class today had phenomenal energy because you guys SHOWED UP big time! And yes, you ARE stronger than you think you are ❤️

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