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Perfect Mix of Body & Mind Workout - PXT with Lindsay

by Yogi10224 on April 18, 2014

I took Lindsay's PXT class at Pure as a guest of a friend. Disclaimer - while I am a former rugby player-runner-gym girl, some years back I started practicing yoga (and then teaching it), and now that is pretty much my exclusive form of exercise, so while I can occasionally hit a spin or barre class with a friend, I haven't cross trained in eons - I am definitely a beginner here. Even so, Lindsay's PXT class was incredible - I used muscles I had forgotten I had and I found myself sweating like I was in a hot yoga class. As some of the moves were new to me, it took a minute to get up to speed, but Lindsay was super encouraging. She was constantly motivating us, helping me to eke out one more rep, work a little bit harder, and go a little faster. That said, she is about more than just "60 seconds of burpees - GO! You can do it!" (basically my nightmare).  She really talks about breaking through what you think you can do vs what you really can do - to pay attention to our self-talk and dismiss the negativity.  She might actually be a mind reader because just as I was saying to myself "OMG I seriously cannot do another pushup" (and mentally shouting expletives at the friend I came with), Lindsay said something encouraging, and somehow I did more. Her music was lively and her positivity was contagious.The class was definitely challenging for me as a newbie cross trainer, but I felt like I could rise to the challenge, and the next class I know I will do even better.

By the end I felt like I had really done something good for my body and my soul. I feel like Lindsay is the perfect mix of yoga instructor, with her loving support and clear alignment cues, and fitness instructor, with her high energy and positive attitude.  I left feeling physically tired and emotionally energized, which is my favorite kind of workout.  Highly recommend.

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