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Vinyasa Yoga with Alexa Silvaggio @ Equinox

by Burner10938 on July 7, 2014

This class was truly outstanding, as are all of Alexa's classes.  These are a few of my favorite things about taking class from her:

1. A calm and comfortable environment from start to finish.  Alexa beautifully taps into the spiritual elements of yoga in a way that always helps center my breath, refocus my day, and refresh my soul.
2. Excellent at teaching to all the students in the room.  Alexa is inviting to new students while helping familiar students grow in areas of their practice on which they have been focusing.  She honors the parameters of the class style and level, but gives students of all levels opportunities to succeed and grow in her class.  Alexa does a beautiful job of encouraging a non-competitive mindset and helps me focus on what is best for my body and my practice that day -- a rare find in the world if NYC yoga!  For many poses, she fully demonstrates several options at varying levels and genuinely encourages everyone to work at the level that best serves their own practice.
3.  Her sequences are creative and keep me interested and excited to come back...
4.  ...but she is also excellent at digging into the basics and taking time to focus on small details that have improved my technique in a way no other teacher has taken the time to do.  Alexa's verbal cues are very specific and have helped me become more aware of how to use my body correctly, both in class and in life.  She gives excellent physical adjustments that have completely altered the way I feel poses.  Even when I am taking other classes or practicing on my own, I am constantly thinking of the way Alexa explains a pose, movement, or section of class.  Alexa's wonderful knowledge and attention to detail has greatly improved my yoga skills.
5. Fabulous music!  Never distracting, but it's always perfectly matched to her sequences and never fails to make me smile.

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