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Spinning with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox
Best Way to Start The Week

by Burner11199 on September 9, 2014

Lindsay's Monday 7:15am class was my second spin class ever, after a terrible first time experience with another instructor.  I walked in without knowing anything about Lindsay and boy oh boy am I happy I did.  This class is quickly becoming my ritual and what I need to start my week right.  I love her passion and how she sets an intention to start the class and giving us a chance to mentally "check in".  I find it a great way to start the week right.  Her course is challenging and she is great at giving cues, using RPMs and Watts as goals, and she sets her course to be perfectly coordinated to her music cues, which I find help me go farther and work harder. Can't get enough, and every Monday I am there!

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