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Studio Cycling with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox
Do Yourself a Favor

by Burner91346 on September 19, 2014

The theme of every single one of Lindsay's classes is making yourself blow your own mind. She seems to always know exactly what I'm thinking to myself, and always brings me to prove myself wrong about my own capabilities. I always find myself trying things I didn't know I could do, and pushing myself harder than I ever imagined I would want to. The whole experience is intense and even cathartic, and I always leave her class feeling like a baller. Her intent comes through in every detail - her music is always engaging (and awesome), and her word choices always come at the perfect moment when you need encouragement or a reminder that you're pretty awesome yourself. This class was packed, but she still found moments to help me when I needed individual attention. Go to her classes. Just go.

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