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Swaha Cycle with Lindsay Carson @ Chalk Gyms

by Burner11672 on September 21, 2014

One word to sum up Lindsay's class: EMPOWERING.  The tone is set from the moment Lindsay walks into the room.  Her dynamic and electric personality is simply contagious and it is easy to feed off of.  For me doing anything active that connects the mind and body is cathartic and attending this class accomplished exactly that.  Everyone has their own set of baggage that they are dealing with but throughout the duration of the class Lindsay is constantly reminding her participants that "you are stronger than you think you are", pushing everyone past what they might have thought were their "limits".  I had a pretty emotionally draining couple of days leading up to the class and let me tell you, by the end I was in a much better place, which is precisely what I needed.  So Lindsay, thank you for that!  I recommend taking this class with her and I promise it won't disappoint!

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