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Studio Cycling with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox

by Burner11982 on November 3, 2014

I've been holding off on writing a review for a while, and in fact this is my first on RYB, but by now the secret's out - Lindsay Carson is Equinox's hottest new asset. Her classes are superior to most--if not all--at Equinox, and remind me of rides at pricey boutique cycling studios in NYC. They are intense, and dare I say, transcendent.

Lindsay pushes you to your max, without any bullshit, bogus, or blabber. She has a great sense of humor, and you might even smile -- but not during a killer set of intervals. She is encouraging, exuberant, and intense, and somehow always knows the right thing to say - whether it's a reminder about form, a motivation not to give up, or a guarantee that "you are stronger than you think you are."
Her music is on POINT and she finds killer remixes of all the guilty pleasure tunes we know we want to hear. One critique is that I wish she would switch up the music a bit. If you're a regular in her class (which you will inevitably become), you'll hear a few of the same songs. That's ok, since they're fun and well timed, but could start to get a bit old. I hope she keeps it fresh, and I'm sure she will.
Lindsay really takes Equinox's Cycling classes to another level. Her classes have become the most welcome physical and mental outlet, and she's developing a well-deserved fan base of male and female athletes alike. Her class is a sweaty, athletic, cathartic party and I can't wait to go back. I just hope she doesn't get poached!

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