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STUDIO CYCLING with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox
Okay class, instructor seemed off today

by RunSpinSweat on November 17, 2014

I had read good things about Lindsay Carson from RYB and had been wanting to try her class. I used to love taking Michael MacNeal because like Lindsay, he is also a yogi, and I loved how that mind-body connection can come into the cycling room. I loved how Lindsay pointed out form and had us focus on our breathing, it's hard to bring yourself to a morning class on a Sunday and I felt like it was important to make sure we stayed in the room ... I loved when she said that too, something about we are here and let's stay here. Right on, Lindsay!

She had forgotten her cycle shoes (or so I think?) and had trouble getting her sneakers into the bike. She was noticeably thrown off by this, started class a few minutes late and continued to struggle through the warmup before giving up. The ride did end up going over time so it didn't cut into the actual ride, but it just felt like that little mixup had her a bit razzled up.
I generally liked the structure of the ride and found her cueing on point. I liked the meditative things she said, but at times they didn't feel genuine (perhaps because of the above.) She repeated "you are stronger than you know!" a few too many times (i.e. every drill) and I think it would have been more effective to save this statement for one to two moments of the ride. I love the idea behind this saying and I eat it up with a spoon, but saying it so often made it feel rehearsed vs in the moment.
One other thing ... it was SO HARD to hear the music from the back of the room. I understand during the warmup that she needed to get herself together and tell the class the ride but it still remained too soft throughout the ride (and I don't have hearing issues normally.) I politely waved her over and she was a little perturbed that I asked her, and after the ride when I went to thank her, she didn't seem that open to hearing that and curtly stated she needed to keep it down for the warmup. No hard feelings, I just think she could have been a little warmer even if she didn't agree.
I generally enjoyed her ride and would like to try again. Today was cold and terrible and I appreciate her energy in motivating the class to stay present. My only recommendation would be that she be more open to receiving criticism and to not let the little things get to her :)
Thanks Lindsay!

  • Lindsay Carson November 17, 2014

    Hey love, thank you so much for your feedback! You're one hundred percent right, I was thrown off this morning. You probably couldn't tell from where you were but the clip on the instructor bike was broken so maintenance was trying to fix the screw for me while I started the warm up. We never got it fixed, hence the shoe change and the awkward "I don't know how to ride with cages anymore" moment hahahaha! It took me a few to recover, and I apologize for the way that affected the ride. I'll check again on the sound system, I usually get told it's too loud so you're the first person I've gotten that from. Again, apologies if I came across overwhelmed, there was a slew of wait list + broken bike chaos in the first five minutes of class. I'd love to have you back in class soon! Thanks so much for being there! And seriously grateful for your feedback ❤️

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