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The perfect yoga class

by Burner12507 on January 13, 2015

Lindsay's classes are (not to gush too much) transformative. As an instructor, Lindsay is so loving and present, pushing us to go further into our practice and trust ourselves. The flow is really just that -- one long, beautiful continuous flow. I'm sure it's a gorgeous thing to see when you're not in it and focusing on your own practice. She starts fast and warms the class up perfectly. Every sequence leads into an apex pose. The music is fantastic, by the way, never overpowering but I've basically stalked her spotify playlists since taking her classes.

I feel what yoga is supposed to feel like, what coming into your body, breathing into it, understanding it, pushing it, and strengthening it, in Lindsay's classes. It is a perfect balance of physicality and spirituality. She challenges the class to go deeper, to be truly ourselves.

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