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Cycle 45: The Ride with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox

by Burner12515 on January 14, 2015

so im really picky about my cycling classes, and ive been to a lot ranging from my local gyms, to soul cycle, flywheel and Lindsay's Equinox class. This class is amazing.

FIrst on Lindsay:
she just makes you want to spin and spin your best. it was friday night happy hour time, and so she immediately made me forget my FOMO of missing out on drinks with friends, and i was so excited to be in her class. she is super positive and uplifting and makes me want to do my best for me.  but she doesnt do it in that annoying pep-up talk, its real. she makes you want to be there and want to make the most of each of those 45 minutes.  she talks throughout the class but not in an annoying way. she pumps you up right when your ready to not do the last push, or when you start staring at the clock counting down the minutes, or thinking about what you want to wear that night and where your going to eat dinner. she seems to always know when you need to be brought back, and when to encourage you to do that one more push. she has the best mixture of pump up chat, but then also just really enthusastic sounds and energy and music to just make you want to keep going.  i usually HATE the soul cycle type of what do you want what are you reaching for reach for your soul etc. Lindsay does not do any of this but is still super inspiring and encouraging.
She does such an amazing mixture of hills, high resistant and low resistant sprints.  She allows for just the right amount of rest time. I hate it when instructors either give no rest time or give too much and I feel like im wasting part of the 45 minutes. neither of these are true in Lindsays class.   her music is AWESOME. itunes top 40 but also just the music is easy to find a beat an get lost in it and the sprints and pushes make sense with the songs. she counts down appropriately its never like 8...7...654321 its actually on time. also she gives you short glimpses to make those bitch ass hills seem attainable and possible even when you want to quit. 
most other classes i feel like i leave wishing their was more hills or thinking there were too many hills. Not with Lindsay. She literally balanced it perfectly.   The class was HARD though. dont get me wrong. there were so many pushes or hills that i thought to myself how about i skip out on this one. but as if Lindsay was reading my mind, she said something that made me realize i still had more in me and the only person who would be upset if i didnt do it, is me.
clearly i love this class and cant wait to go back, no longer have FOMO for friday night happy hour because, well, Lindsay Carsons class is the new happy hour.  cant wait to go backK!! and i know i will be seeing familiar faces because everyone was raving about it afterwards.  Leave feeling good about yourself because you just had an awesome work out, but also because Lindsay literally makes you feel good about what you just accomplished and just yourself.  you dont leave looking and comparing with other people, which is kinda hard to do anywhere you are these days.

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