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Yoga with Lauren Taus @ Equinox
Lauren is amazing

by BurnMe1124 on January 25, 2015

First, this was the closest Equinox I could find to Bryant Park, which is where I actually take Lauren's classes (wait, is there really an Equinox at MSP?  I don't think so...).

I've been taking yoga with Lauren for about 6 months now, since around the time that Bryant Park opened.  She is an inspiration.  She's a fantastic human being, and I think that one of my favorite bits about the part of her who is an instructor is that she very much seems to live her teachings and be learning the lessons that she teaches right alongside us.
That said, she's a talented and accomplished yogini (is that the right word?).  She develops really stellar sequences and she encourages students beyond their own self-imposed limits because she's got an eye for what people really can do.  I always leave her class feeling like a million bucks, no matter what shapes I've actually made on the mat.
Thank you Lauren, you make the world (and my life) a much better place!  I would give you more than 5 stars if I could. 

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