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Vinyasa Yoga with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox
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by SpinningStar on March 3, 2015

I am a cardio junkie.

In 2014, I was spinning six days a week. However, as part of my health goals for 2015, I have been focused on diversifying the types of fitness classes I sign up for at Equinox. And so entered yoga into my life. I am very much a beginner. I can hardly touch my toes! However, I stumbled into Lindsay’s vinyasa yoga class, and I’m eager to share my experience with you.
I took Lindsay’s class at the SoHo Equinox location on a Sunday morning. Lindsay’s personality is truly delightful, and many things made her class memorable.
First, she modeled many of the poses in the windowsills. It was so inspiring to see her backlit with the natural light. It created a glowing (literally) atmosphere.
Additionally, Lindsay’s class was quite challenging. I was shocked when I realized I was breaking a sweat at the halfway point of class. And it wasn’t even hot yoga! I’ve never had sweat running down my arms in a vinyasa class, and it was a great feeling for a beginner like me! When I left, I certainly felt like I had grown in my yoga practice.
Lindsay makes me happy I’ve decided to add yoga to my fitness regimen. She made this beginner feel welcome and competent in her class, and I will definitely frequent her classes because I feel confident that she can facilitate growth in my practice.

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