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SoulCycle with Laurie Cole @ SoulCycle
BEST in the business

by Burner13027 on March 18, 2015

I've been riding at SoulCycle for about 5 years and have made it a point to ride with many of the instructors (25+), and there is no one better than Laurie Cole. She's my go-to, and now I ride with her 4+ times a week, even though I stress out every monday at noon to get bikes in her class. That they fill up so quickly is a testament to her awesomeness.

Her classes have the perfect build and flow, packed with awesome music that is a great mix of old and new. She always makes sure that all of the riders are working their hardest. She's a stickler for form and making sure that riders are on the beat, and takes pride in her frontrow being the leaders of her class. Her "Laurie-isms" always make me smile and keep the SOUL in soulcycle. Every class Laurie inspires me to be a better rider and a bigger part of the soul community. Laurie makes a point of getting to know her riders, cheering them on in class by name.
A few months ago Laurie had knee surgery, but didn't lose a BEAT. Even through her recovery she kept teaching classes, which were just as effective with one of her students on the instructor bike. Now that she's a few months out of surgery she's been riding about half of her classes. Having had several knee surgeries myself, I know how hard spinning can be even a few times a week, so expecting her to be on a bike 12 times in a week just a few months out of surgery is crazy! Regardless of whether Laurie's dancing on the bike or around the room, she's the best.
Laurie is sassy, sexy, smart and upbeat- so get a bike and join the party!

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