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Cycle with Lindsay Carson @ Equinox
Better than most Soulcycle Instructors

by express2220 on June 18, 2015

Let me start off by saying, Lindsay's class isn't like Soul in the sense that there are tap backs or any sort of dance choreography on the bike. But in terms of that "it" factor, good vibes/energy, awesome music, and things she says.....for example: we are our own worst critic, turn off all those negative thoughts. It's like she was in my head in that moment and knew I was thinking "Crap it's summer in a few days and I'm not beach ready, Duck!" It's common for her to get off her bike and work the room. I love when instructors do this, no matter what type of class it is. As someone who goes to Soulcycle at least 1x a week for the past 4 years, trying out 60+ different instructors at Soul alone, Lindsay is in my top 5, #1 in my book at Equinox for sure. I like her so much, I'm now starting to attend her Yoga classes and I don't even do Yoga!! What's up with that?! When the energy is good, you follow it. Don't jump off a bridge Lindsay, I may just follow you. Put her on your to do list for anything.

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