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Aero Impact with Sherwood Kwame Reece

by LacticAddict on August 11, 2012

Despite some initial issues actually figuring out who this dude was (even the front desk didn't know his name...) "Q" gets a massive thumbs-up. Loved this class - I've always been a fan of this space but all of their other classes involve a ton of jumping, which is no bueno for my back issues. Finally, a reason to return often to this gem-of-a-gym!

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On "Q" (his name is Kwame, but he goes by "Q")


First of all, huge high five to RateYourBurn's CGO (Chief Google-Stalking Officer) for figuring out who the f "Q" actually is. He's not on the website, not on the schedule, we even called in and the FRONT DESK didn't know his name ("Oh, Q? His name is just... Q"). AKA, he's Cher.


I literally sent her this email:


"Joana, could you find out the real name for a man who goes by "Q"? He's a ripped dude with short braided hair who kind of looks like Bob Sanders." 


BTW, this is Bob Sanders:

Bob Saunders - Look -Alike

This is Q:

Kwame Reece-Aero Space - Aero Impact- Headshot

Yup. They're twins.


Back to the dude:

  • Q is a chilled out boxer-man with very calm delivery.
  • Nonchalant attitude, but not in an "I don't care" kinda way; in a "this is a training facility" kinda way.
  • Most of the class he gave out combinations for us and then came around to check everyone's form and give tips.
  • He's a real fighter. Didn't need google to tell me that. 
  • He let me HIT him. Like really hit his hand things as hard as I could. I was very interested in this part of class.
  • He gave praise when you did stuff right.
  • He spent a lot of the class telling me to "relaaaax".


  • Leila was there, helping the students wrap up with the hand things pre-class. You should go to this class if only to experience the Leila-wrap. It is fascinating. There is something rockstar about this woman. She is inexplicably mysterious and appealing.
  • Michael Olajide was also there (as he always is) and cheerfully offered me a jump rope, thinking I was signed up for aeroJUMP. That guy is the nicest ever.
  • There was a tour going on. Every time I come to this place there there are always clusters of foreigners who seem to be engaging in some form of "fitness tourism". Anyhoo.

On the class.


This is a boxing bag class; no kicking, just punching. You get out what you put in, but Q's watchful eye makes you put in a bit more.

  • Started with jumping jacks, high knees, butt-kicks, and repeat.
  • Next: squat- right lunge-squat-left lunge-squat-jump combo.
  • On to punching: briefly punched the air to learn some combos.
  • 10-12 minutes in, we moved to bags. The bags were hanging and they swung around when you give them a good knock, which added additional difficulties during combinations (moving target...). 
  • The rest of the class was combinations and taking turns punching Q's hand bags.
  • Class petered out a little at the end and became more freestyle - as he repeated the combo we did our own thing on the bags.
  • At the end, a pretty extensive crunch/abs section. Good variety, felt the burn.
Kwame Reece-Aero Space - Aero Impact- Boxing



Every time we got a new drill, the class would practice on bags and Q would call us one-by-one to do the combo with him. This was the best part by far, even though I sucked a duck at it.


The first time I started sparring with Q (I use the term 'sparring' very generously) I was totally "on". By the second time, I was in rough shape; hair plastered all down my forehead and cheeks, letting out incomprehensible groaning noises, etc. I tried to put together the [increasingly complex] combination, but my physical tiredness distincty blurred my mental capacity. It was a C- performance at best and I was not happy with myself. I could see from the look on Q's face that he was starting to think I was a little special. "Relaaaaaaax".


During the water break, I went back to my bag and practiced the shiz out of the combo, and then asked for another shot. He obliged and appeared to be pleased. YES. Teacher's pet much?




Okay. By minute 15, my knuckles were already on FIRE. There was a constant argument in my head between the potential pleasure derived from hitting the bag like a mofo and the inevitable pain of my hands post-blow. After class, my knuckles were bright red; my computer typing for the next few hours was spastic and error-ridden. I took a video just for you:


This video is a little anticlimactic, but it's my first time using youtube, OKAY?


All of the little muscles in my wrists and hands were sore for the next few days. Def want to go back to strengthen that shit up.


Verdict: Hitting the bag hard is totally worth the pain.




9 of us, 3 women, 6 men. Other females were one woman in her 40s, and a tall blond model. There are always models in here.


In sum: 


LOVE. Thanks to one of our burners for reviewing this class - that's why I went!

Kwame Reece-Aero Space - Aero Impact

  • mmmgreenjuice August 13, 2012

    Question abt Aerospace - do they offer classes a la carte? Have been curious bc location is SUPER convenient.

  • PowerSloth August 13, 2012

    Yup they do I believe. They don't put any info on the site, but once when I showed up through FITiST they initially thought I was a drop in, and it didn't seem to be a problem at all

  • mmmgreenjuice August 13, 2012


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