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Excellent Workout

by Burner1729 on February 9, 2017

Roberta's Saturday morning bootcamp is my FAVORITE workout of the week.  It's an excellent mix of cardio and strength training that will completely kick your butt and make you feel great for the rest of the day.  Every week Roberta comes up with something new, creative, and challenging for the class.  She is also great with making the class feel more like a team and working together to push and challenge each other.  While some of the other reviews on this site complain that she is sometimes a couple of minutes late to class; I would say that a 50 minute class with Roberta will push you harder than any 60 minute class with another instructor. 

I wrote this review for the Saturday morning bootcamp because it is my favorite of the classes Roberta teaches, but I also frequently take her body pump and spin as well as other classes.  I even travel to various clubs and go out of my way to take classes with her because she is the type of instructor that pushes the class to work as hard as possible while also having a great time. 

  • Burner11026 March 19, 2017

    She trun on you fast and call you names I used to follow her too now I am a member of another gym that hires only quilts inscutors

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