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Private Session with Roberta Rappa @ Boston Sports Club
Conceited narcissist

by Burner15610 on March 2, 2017

I have trained with Roberta for a number of years and never beleived some of the reviews that I had read even by clients who had known her for a similar time period.  It is not a secret to at any of the Greater Boston  and Boston BSCs that this woman thinks she is God's gift and is sure to let everyone know on first meeting that 'she runs this place'.  She watches herself in the mirrors during her classe instead of helping the class participants tio improve theri form.  Finally I realized that in reality she is slowing down perhaps due to her age and had no more to offer me from a PT perspective.  In addition I got fed up with her flirting with male club members during my PT sessions. Of course all of the men adore this and as a rsult all hit on her whether they are married or not.  Only to exacerbate the chronic swelling.  Uncerimoniously I informed her I had found a new trainer.  'Fine' was the only response.  Also being registered for one her group classes at an additional fee to the club, when I showed up to class a couple of days later she told me I was no longer in the class, eventhough I was given no notice or reason for being blocked at all.  Just that 'it was better this way'.  I suppose that is within her right to block anyone she wants from the class. She told me to go and get a refund but it is not club policy to give refunds under any circumstances.  I can only surmise that I wounded her ego by dumpinh her as my trainer, perhaps too abruptly (?) and this was the retaliation.  There was no further discussion and club management was totally non-responsive and unsympathetic to my plight.  I wrote up my situation about unfair treatment to STI but have not been contacted. My advise to the reader of this review is to avoid Roberta Rappa at all costs unless you are ready to acknowledge publicly how wonderful and beautiful she is and put up with her attitude.  She actually asked in one of her classes I attended to write up some good reviews for her because the negative press was building to high.  As you can read here and on Yelp.  There many other trainers who are just as talented and knowledgeable if not more so but are real people like you and me.

Very Bad
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