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Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp with Ariane Hundt @ Complete Body & Spa
Hundting for Excess Body Fat

by LacticAddict on May 21, 2012

In typical Lactic fashion, I hustled into this class late (a 6:15AM class) because I had trouble finding the place. Ariane had clearly reviewed her attendance list and was expecting a newb (most of the others in the class seemed to know her). After class, she turned to me, completely deadpan, and said: "I'm sad you couldn't get in those first 5 minutes of jumping jacks. Everyone can use an extra 5 minutes of jumping jacks." Meet Ariane.

My first taste of Ariane.
There wasn't enough equipment for everyone in the class, but that didn't phase this German drill sergeant. Ariane's style is very much "don't you dare stop moving". At one point I was on the side fishing around for some weights and she hollered, "just grab the first ones you see! Do as many as you can!" So I did arm raises with 12 lb weights. FML.
On the class.
Brown paper packages ties up with strong, here are a few of HER favorite things:
- Pushups
- Planks
- Mountain climbers**************
- Squatting
- Jumping jacks
**************like, 8 billion
Ariane's class never really stops. It's high intensity sequencing.
The last section was a relief, just because we moved to abs and Jane Fonda-y stuff. She asked if we were excited for the lift-your-leg-and-pee-like-a-dog-on-a-fire-hydrant move (no, she didn't use those words, and yes, this is exactly what the move looks like). The participants groaned "nooooooo" and I thought, "what?! We just did 40 minutes of vomity burpee variations and this is what you groan about?? I am psyched for this!!"
This is cool - Ariane is also an accredited nutritionist. When I took the class, she was leading some kind of detox program with some of her students, who swarmed her after class with questions and observations regarding their various bodily states. The program sounds intense!
All in all, this was a very uncomfortable workout, which meant that I obviously approved of it. Ariane takes you out of your comfort zone and leaves you there for a long time.
If you're looking for a no bullshit, balls-to-the-wall workout led by a stern, fit lady with a sweet smile and a German accent, this is your chance!
Ariane will be teaching at the SurfSET popup going on in Chelsea Market this month! Her class will be especially authentic (afterwards, you can tell all your friends you've been surfing in the ocean - you'll have the salinous sop all over your body to prove it.)

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