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I AM You Studio - Best Yoga Class in NYC

by oly8486 on September 11, 2012

Hands-down, best athletic yoga in new york. No place like it. After moving from Miami 3 years ago, it took me a while to finally find a yoga class that challenged me. I walked into Lululemon one random day to ask the staff who they recommend in the Soho area. They said Lauren at I AM You. I tried it and was immediately hooked. The class is accompanied by a new DJ'ed mix every week that mixes Jay-Z & Bob Dylan - some salsa and Frank Sinatra occasionally. Regardless, Lauren makes you feel good. She gives ample correction to everyone. The class is in her Nolita loft so it never gets TOO full - except on Saturdays when there tends to be a crowd. My only complaint is her schedule. She teaches a lot of privates and NOT ENOUGH classes! I wish there were morning time slots or earlier evenings. Regardless, anyone can take this class from the best to the beginner. You can relax or make it challenging. It is an experience. Check it out.

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