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Yin/Yang (OPEN) with Alexa Silvaggio @ Pure Yoga
Bartender, more Yin please!

by Sandboxfitness on September 19, 2012

It's always fun to experiment and try new classes, especially when they're 90min yoga classes called Yin/Yang.  I had never been to Pure before and was blown away at how nice it was and how similar the ethetic was compared to Equinox.  I want to note that I had fallen asleep in a few yoga classes in my day, but not today!




On Class - Just like you would assume, there was 2 part of class.  Yang was the first part though that had us moving through Vinyasa and sequences to heat up our body.  This lasted roughly 45-50mins and think the room was heated somewhere 80-90 degrees.  It was all your basic Vinyasa movements done in a way that you felt an hour class would do jam-packed into a hotter, quicker 45.  Yin came next which I loved for a few reasons.  We slowed our bodies down to a screeching halt and held several postures for minutes (3-5) at a time.  Some of these were: pigeon, seated straddle, frog, inverted straddle to name a few.  This gave me time to focus on my body, feel the deep stretch, notice any imbalance, and relax.  I was falling back into my music festival days when holding pigeon for 5 minutes and hearing Dave Matthews, Police, Coldplay, Sinatra and more.




On Alexa - She was exactly what I expected and needed for a 90min class of this nature; warm, friendly, and full of words of wisdom.  She seemed to know most of her members which is always a good sign when walking into a new class.  She asked us in the beginning if we didn't want to be adjusted, but I welcome those little helpers to get deeper in my poses.  Personally, just adjusted in a innocent yet helpful way really made the class for me.  She referenced a quote which in Shavasana which went something like, "To skip shavasana would be like cooking the most amazing meal ever and not eating it, just looking at it".




It you get a chance truly try her out.  You will leave feeling better, stretched out, humble and maybe even get a hug on the way out.





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