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Hot Power Yoga (OPEN) with Lauren Taus @ Pure Yoga
Breath in - Sweat out

by Sandboxfitness on September 24, 2012

I always love a good hot yoga class that is dynamic and quick.




On Class - It was a cool 100deg room that is warm, but not too hot to move around.  It was my second community class which had roughl 15 people spread throughout the room.  Lauren showed up early to do her meet and greet which I always appreciate.  Since I'm just coming off an obstacle race days prior, this was the perfect class to help me open up again.  We moved through all your typical Vinyasa postures and FAST at certain points.  I recall flying through Sura-A for about 5-6mins and loving the speed and sweat running off me.  I thought the clas was well thought out, friendly, challenging, and concise.  I wish, however, that I could have kept going for another hour to really combat the tightness I have.  I loved her music, especially for the cooldown where she played a rendition of, "somewhere over the rainbow", and "amazing grace" for Shavasana.




On Lauren - She is all smiles, but keeps you on task from one move to the next.  What I loved the most was getting adjusted which seemingly in my own pool of sweat.  It was light petting or anything like that, she got in there and helped me really get into certain postures.  There's something about getting adjusted while sopping wet that is invigourating and peaceful all at once. Well done!




Remember - Pigeon pose is 50% going into the pose and 50% not coming out of it!

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