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Vinyasa Flow with Amy Leydon @ Exhale Mind Body Spa
Amy Leydon: Sassy Seductress

by FunSizeHulk on January 9, 2013

Me and Amy Leydon? Love at first sight. Err, maybe just for me. Amy bounced into the room for her Exhale Vinyasa Flow class, lookin' all foxy in her purple tank and long, sun-kissed locks. It became immediately evident that this gal was just full of life.

Love Ya, Girl:
She announced that today, she would be using the playlist from her Music Flow class.   She warned us that some of the songs included "coarse" language and hoped we were okay with that.  Obviously, no one cared, and chatty Amy went on to tell us about her Israeli private student:
"I have this student for private classes, and she's from Israel, and kind of...proper.  She told me she went to go see "Bridesmaids" and was just MORTIFIED.  She said, 'They say theengs like f*** and sh***! Women do not speak this way!' Nooooo, of cooouurrse, not, I told her."
She then let out a deep, happy laugh.
Right up my Alley:
This kind of yoga instructor is SO my speed.  I can't seem get into the whole hippie-spiritual language thing, so I felt immediately pump to get all bendy with irreverent Amy.
Amy asked all of us if we had any injuries she should know about or particular areas we might want to work on.  A couple regulars in the back suggested neck and shoulders.  Amy accommodated the suggestion by incorporating neck/shoulder-friendly moves for the duration of the class.  Yoga a la carte- I like!
The sequence comprised of all the Vinyasa Flow usuals: planks, Chatarungas, Warrior poses, lunges, etc.
At one point, Amy asked us to place a block, lengthwise, under our spine and another under our tailbone.  She reminded us that we were welcome to snag a block for under our head, saying:
"If you need to take something to relax, go ahead! [PAUSE...laughter] But, not a Valium!"
During one pose, my neck was overly tensed.  Amy came up behind me and just started caressing and massaging my neck.  It was super sensual.  I may or may not have been a little turned on.  Sorry, boyfriend.
Ear Candy:
The tunes ranged from adult contemporary love songs to Gorillaz. My scribbles post-class read, "Really, really fun, awesome mix."
Amy L. was a rockstar and the kind of chick I'd love to slam some tequila shots with: hilarious, sassy, and fun.  The actual sequence felt relatively easy and I WOULD recommend it for beginners, with one caveat: At times, Amy throws out terms like "Chatarunga" or "Swan Dive," and without some yoga-speak familiarity, you might just fall a step or two behind.  No biggie, though, Amy is as helpful and patient as they come.

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