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Exhale Vinyasa Flow with Goldie Oren @ Exhale Mind Body Spa

by lilnproudofit on January 11, 2013

Goldie teaches a strong, beautfully sequenced class with awesome music!  Don't be fooled by her petite size- she is kick butt when it comes to vinyasa flow.  She often incorporates ab work, extra chatarangas for arm strengthening, and elements of core fusion which really push you to the edge.  Goldie was a professional dancer before teaching yoga, and her ballet training influences her practice.  Poses smoothly flow one into the next and rarely do you sit on your butt and watch demonstrations of poses.  Another aspect of Goldie's class that I love is she gives wonderful hands on adjustments (if you're lucky, she will come over and give you a back and shoulder massage during seated hip openers/ deep forward bends).  I have taken many, many yoga classes, both in Los Angeles and New York, and Goldie is by far one of my favorite teachers.  Her class never disappoints; it is both challenging and refreshing.  A class not to be missed!

  • LacticAddict January 11, 2013

    This chic is adorable. I want her body.

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