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Solar Flow with Goldie Oren @ Reebok Sports Club
Yoga for all walks of life

by Sandboxfitness on January 17, 2013

On Solar Flow: The class seemed standard to all the vinyasa gym yoga I've taken. What makes a good class great is how it flows and how the instructor transitions from one move to the next which was ace. She was constantly walking around helping adjust members, dealing with "resolution'ers", and keeping everything on point. I really appreciate that in an open level class new members can follow 95% of class and the advanced members were encouraged to take crow, single crow, and shoulder stand. On Goldie: What's not to like about a soft spoken and petite instructor who isn't afraid to get right behind you and adjust you deep into a posture. Here music was pretty good ranging from 90's Dave Matthews Band to Mumford and Son and Calvin Harris! I believe she teaches at several studios and gym including David Barton, Exhale, SLT and Reebok so check her out.

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