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Yoga For Jocks with Goldie Oren @ David Barton
Goldie Oren at David Barton Gym

by DBGmember on January 20, 2013

I have taken classes with Goldie several times a week (Feel Good Yoga, MorningYoga and Yoga for Jocks) for two years at David Barton Gym - Astor. I happily recommend her to any member looking for a challenging class. I remember one member lauding her class with the compliment that it was "brutal."

Her cues are clear. She is easily heard across the studio and the cues are clear. She has a good eye for form and suggests subtle adjustments that make an pose both easier and more elegant. She is very knowledgeable and I have often brought her questions that come up in other yoga classes.
Her classes are varied and are sequenced to achieve a result, e.g. hip opening might be the theme for a class. Her classes have both fast flow and poses held for several breaths. There is a strong abs component to her classes (particularly Yoga for Jocks), e.g. 100 crunches (20 in each of five positions).
For the members that come regularly, she knows their names and their practice. She pushes them to improve without pushing too far. She both demos and goes around the room making individual adjustments.
Another yoga teacher took this class. In the next class, he announced that the class had wiped him out and he recommended her class!

Not crowded
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