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My First Yin Class Ever!

by Lean Bean on February 13, 2013

I loved Narisara. She was so chill and her voice so soothing that she immediately led me out of my frazzled state and into a world of comfy stretches and lollipops. Blissful and satisfying.

About the instructor
    Cute. Narisara was a petite Asian-looking chick with black hair and a cute pixie cut.
    Had a great yoga voice. She sounded very grounded and calming.
    Was comfortable with silence. She didn't talk the whole time during class. She would chime in just the right amount to remind us to keep our minds from wandering, to pay attention to the breath, to shift our pose a little if we needed to, etc.
    Made verbal adjustments, not many hands on a adjustments. I wasn't always 100 percent sure that I was doing the pose correctly (being that it was my first yin class and all). Narisara would closely observe and give me a modifications if she saw that something wasn't working.
    I'l take all the attention, thx. She was very focused on me (because she knew I was new).
On the practice
    What just happened? The class seriously felt like it was 30 minutes long. We did only about 4 different series of poses, holding each for several minutes.
    A focus on the hips. We did several poses that focused on opening or stretching the hips: laying on our stomachs holding up our torso with forearms; sitting on block with legs crossed, we did a side stretch, then crossed and stretched the other way; sitting on the floor with one shin on top of other (in a sort of fire leg pose), feet flexed; and a shoelace pose into a pigeon. We ended with a short corpse pose and later an om. (We started with three oms.)
    Crowd. There were seven of us in the class. There was room for maybe only one or two more, though. It didn't seem like there were any crazy yogis in the class, with maybe one exception.
    Music was nice yoga music.
Bottom line
I'd totally recommend this class, for beginners and pros alike. Narisara was good about offering modifications and making each pose work for you. She was totally chill and led a relaxing and worthwhile class.

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