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by HoneyBee822 on February 27, 2013

DMF is a great way to switch up your workout routine!

Lindi Duesenberg, my favorite Physique 57 instructor, created her own workout class titled 'Dance, Motivation, Fitness'. The whole purpose of class is to get your heart rate up by dancing to various energetic music. Lindi heads up the moves and choreography, and is very simple to follow. The cardio portion is intense, and you definitely work up a big sweat. About half way through the class, there is a switch to strength in the thighs, legs and abs. It's a good transition, and you really feel the burn at this point, especially after 30 minutes of non-stop moving. Lindi has great energy that she takes with her wherever she goes. She is an inspiration and motivation to everyone around her, and really conveys the message to just have fun, regardless of what you look like, and always try to reach your goals. It is a place where you can brush off any stress you just went through for the day, and Lindi truly helps do that. I always look forward to class with Lindi!

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