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Conditioning (Outdoors) with James Quigley @ EVF Performance
EVF Performance East Hampton - Excellent Addition to the Hamptons Workout Scene

by yogagirl on June 28, 2013

For perspective, I am not typically an outdoor workout person. I don’t like bugs and intense heat, and I am really ok with a sterile, climate controlled environment. However, EVF Performance in East Hampton was a great experience - all the benefits of a gym or CrossFit box, with the addition of a beautiful Sunday morning (sunshine, fresh air, open space). This was a 9 am class with James Quigley. This location is the Hamptons version of EVF Performance (also home of CrossFit Upper East Side) in the city. THE WORKOUT: - Warm-Up - Jumping jacks - High knees - Various dynamic stretches - Wind sprints - A fun team relay sprint with the “non-winning” team (there are no losers here) assigned a burpee penalty. It was all in good fun and positive. I was happy not to do burpees. - The warm-up also included a personal introduction where each person stated their name and what animal they would be if they could choose - a surprising number of cheetahs. Hmm. Main Event The core workout consisted of 8 stations, with one minute of work devoted to each rotation. In this round, the objective was to complete as many reps as possible at each station, with very quick transitions (30 seconds or so) for the next circuit. 
 - Push presses (35 pounds women, 45 men) - Box Jumps (step ups if not comfortable jumping) - Jump-rope (Double unders or singles depending on skill level) - Wall Balls (9 foot target) - Ab Mat Sit-ups - Sled push and pull (row) on the lawn (ugh) - Row on the Erg (for calories) - Medicine ball carry while running / jogging across the field The circuits were diverse, worked a wide range of motion (push, pull, press, jump) and required a number of different skills - challenging for any level and scalable depending on fitness level, specific injuries, etc. We kept track of our own scores by counting cumulative reps, and shared the final numbers with our small group at the end of the workout. I have experience with Cross Fit-style workouts and was challenged. The friend I brought along - while highly athletic but typically prefers barre, spin, mega-reformer - was totally out of her comfort zone and had a great time, was challenged by movements and pace, and will absolutely come back to add this element into her routine. Main Event Part II (Wait - what?!) We were surprised with a second round of the same circuit. This time a full TWO MINUTES at each station for the second round. After going all out for 15 minutes or so...we had started to lay down, drink some water, and congratulate ourselves on general awesomeness...and this new/news seemed overwhelming and fury-inducing. However, James explained the second round was meant as a steady burn versus an all-out sprint. And he was right. While the movements were the same, Round II was an entirely different experience - a long slow cardio burn requiring an entirely different type of endurance. We completed the workout with a round of stretches. ON JAMES: James is highly motivating and positive - he’s great to work with and is a true professional: - As noted, class was well-conceived and organized with a combination of cardio, strength, agility, balance, etc. rolled into one hour. - Class starts on time and James commands the audience. Some outdoor bootcamps seem too casual when it comes to start time, listening to instructions, etc. It may have something to do with the distractions of being in a public place, of being with friends on a weekend morning, or being in a “vacation” locale. Not the case with James. While he was open and friendly, he was also all business and kept us on track. - James was able to manage a full range of athletes from experienced to weekend warriors. Each circuit and exercise was demonstrated by James, practiced by each of us, and corrected if required. These few minutes of instruction and practice made all the difference in efficiency once the real workout started - I actually wish more instructors would do this as no one wants to admit they don’t know what a “wall ball” is. - Great energy and encouragement. For novices, he provided a ton of guidance and hands-on form correction. On the flip-side, he pushed experienced athletes to “lead from the front”. Everyone felt included and had their own version of a great workout. James knows his stuff, is a stickler for form, and has a cue for you to make you perform better whether you are a newbie or an expert. - An all-around great dude and pleasure to spend an early Sunday being tortured by. True testimonial - said friend who came along doesn’t love getting up early on weekend mornings but indicated she wanted to do this every weekend. On EVF East Hampton Location: - This is a really unique and cool facility. My previous experience with outdoor “bootcamps” was typically Central Park or West Side Highway workouts consisting of cardio plus body weight plyo, drills, and limited basic equipment. - EVF is a completely different experience - it’s essentially a full service gym plunked in the middle of the great outdoors. - The space is in East Hampton at the "Neighborhood House", right off of Three Mile Harbor Road. It was pretty easy to find and there is a large sign on the fence along the road. - The terrain consists of a hard surface double / triple sized basketball court and a huge, wide open grass field. - Plenty of parking space. - Trailer full of toys and equipment - kettlebells, ab mats, medicine balls, plus Olympic racks and weights, sleds, heavy ropes, boxes, rowers, and more. This adds an entirely different dimension and variety to the workouts. - A giant metal cage - set up with Wall Ball targets, pull up bars, racks, etc. - The equipment is pristine condition and everything is set up for the workout ahead of time. - Rumor has it child care will be available on-site starting sometime in July. Not applicable to me, but some mom-friends were pretty pumped to hear that. Overall A great summer option for any fitness level - whether an experienced CrossFitter, endurance athlete, or even a Barre-bie. Between the facilities and the creativity of James and the other coaches, the variety of workouts is virtually unlimited. All in a fun and supportive environment. I’ll be back often.

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