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Full Body with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
The Brits Conquered New York!

by Burner2423 on July 7, 2013

Shane Collins, not a familiar name to the NYC Barry's Bootcamp studio. The kid is visiting from the London site, and I had the privilege to try out his premier class, and I was awed...it's the first time I took Barry's bootcamp class and I felt that I almost couldn't finished the entire class.

When I walked into the studio, seeing this English cutie pie, I was not convinced he would be a hardcore workout instructor...if you have seen any of the male instructors at NYC Barry's Bootcamp, Shane does not have the "in-your-face-pecks", to be honest, he is almost twink-like comparing to Patrick Frost greek god body.
Off we went to his class, my world changed....
5 times we were on the treadmill and again, 5 times we were on the floor.
Yes, Shane's workout is a big TABATA bootcamp= Short, intense intervals with multiple reps.
This is what we did:
- 2 rounds of 6 mins with ascending incline levels and speeds
- 2 rounds of 3 mins of the flat run-jog-sprint routine
-1 round of final jog-run-sprint flat
- 1st round: Gluts (various squat workouts)
- 2nd round: Chest (chest presses)
- 3rd round: Biceps and triceps
- 4th round: Chest, Back and abs (push ups, back rows, mountain climbers)
- 5th round: Abs (various crunches and bicycles)
This, to me, is a recipe of a 5000 calorie workout, and it's so short and intense, at the 4th round of tread, I almost felt like I couldn't last any longer, my fat could not burn fast enough to provide the energy.
But Shane's MAGIC music list helped me. It's amazing like he has a personal DJ that music is on-point all the time for pushes or double-times, and it really makes it easier because you just move with the beat of the music, and you finish your last pushes.
Shane's class was great, he has the great spirits, pushes people and made sure we do the correct movement. His format is hardcore and probably the most challenging of all classes I have taken so far. And of course....his cute British accent spiced up the entire work out :)

  • LacticAddict July 7, 2013

    I am obsessed with how burners ALWAYS review visiting instructors at Barry's. You guys are the best!

  • Burner2423 July 7, 2013

    NYers are unforgiving critics, but this cutie brit amazed NY :)

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