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WOD for Crossfitters with Jim Loperfido @ EVF Performance
Early Bird WOD with Jim Loperfido

by Burner6627 on July 8, 2013

In this ever-expanding world of Crossfit, it's pretty easy to find "coaches" who pass a weekend course and all of a sudden think they know what movements are safe and technically sound for all Crossfitters.

Fortunately there are still coaches like Jim Loperfido that understand the importance of technique as a means to getting stronger, faster, more efficient, and yeah, maybe even slimmer and better looking.  Having dropped-in to more than a dozen boxes in different countries around the world, I truly appreciate passion and expertise when I see it. 
Jim's early bird WOD on Monday morning is not for the weak willed.  The programming at EVF (Crossfit Upper East Side, for the purists) rarely allows you to ease into Mondays.  Getting coached by Jim makes the 4 AM wake up call worth it.  (4 AM for a 5 AM class?  Yes, I need coffee and a chance to stare in the mirror and talk myself out of going back to bed.)
Monday's class only had a handful of brave souls so Jim spent a little extra time on mobility and technique.  The first part of the programming called for finding a new Clean 1RM.  Jim was excited to share the knowledge that he gained when he recently attended an Olympic Lifting course with a well known lifting coach.  Jim immediately whipped out his iPhone to video tape each of us -- from the new members through the more experienced -- to help show the cues that we might be missing, or anything else that could make us more efficient.  Jim then offered to email our videos to us so that we can see it for ourselves later.
The second part of the WOD was a good old fashioned descending Clean Rep ladder combined with an ascending box jump ladder (10-1, 1-10).  Jim was quick to point out the scaling options and supported everyone as they battled their way through. 
Of course, Jim's class wouldn't be complete without his stellar playlist choices although it's tough to focus on music when you're grinding away on a ladder.
Overall, I sincerely appreciate and respect Jim's professionalism toward his craft.  It would be easy for Jim, or any coach for that matter, to mail it in at 5 AM on a Monday.  However, when you set a new 1RM, Jim is genuinely pumped for you.  (Note: I didn't set a new 1RM but that had more to do with my weekend activities than anything else.)
If you're getting into Crossfit, welcome, Jim would be a great coach to help you figure out what it's all about.  If you're a fire breather, Jim can help you breakthrough that next PR plateau.

  • SweatPump July 8, 2013

    the stare at self in mirror pep talk is classic! awesome review, your writing is at the top of the mountain and now I know who to check out at EVF. Keep the reviews coming!

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