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Full Body with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
Psycho Sunday....WOW

by kiki1985 on July 9, 2013

I hate when I turn up to class and my favourite instructors are not there. I hate when I have no idea who the sub is!! That's how I felt at 2.59 pm on Sunday. I will never feel that way again. Shane will forever more be remembered as super-sub Shane. I'm rarely rendered speechless, but for 60 mins on Sunday I was rendered speechless, breathless and entirely awe-struck! I'm not sure how best to explain this class other than to say it's different. Shane is different, he's not your typical beefcake instructor, this kid runs, you can see it in his frame, you can hear it in the way he guides you effortlessly through the treadmill portion of the class, it's refreshing to see a different male body type in Barry's!

As for the class, Shane announced that "This Sunday, Psycho Sunday had come to New York City" a bold claim for a new instructor, and that we would be doing a countdown interval class which would see us partake in intervals beginning with a 6 minute round all the way down to 1 minute (6-5-4-3-2-1). He wasn't kidding, I can confirm that Psycho Sunday has indeed arrived in New York City!!!
This was without question the best workout I've done in Barry's EVER!! That's a bold claim because Joey, Noah, Patrick are all incredible, they are stars, but this kid is the next shining star in the Barry's galaxy. I said before that this class was different, I loved the fact that Shane guided us through the treadmill portion, explaining what we should be thinking about when we jog, how that changes when we run and how we should modify our technique when we run hills and sprint. This was more than a workout, it was an education!! To add to this the runs were choreographed perfectly to the runs, a small detail that made a huge difference to the entire running experience.
The floor section was beautifully balanced and creative, I loved seeing new exercises, I loved that they were effective and not just creative for the sake of being creative.
Perhaps the biggest compliment I could pay is that during and after class I felt like I was experiencing Barry's for the first time all over again!!the only negative feedback I have is that Shane is from the London studio and is only here for a few weeks. We want to see as much Shane as possible please Barry's Bootcamp and Barry/Joey, if you're reading this, you're crazy if you let this kid go home!!

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