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Full Body with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
Luck of the Irish

by Robo100 on July 9, 2013

I'm not sure where Barry's keep finding these trainers but wherever they breed them they should keep it a secret. The next wave of super hot, crazy intense trainers have arrived at Barry's Bootcamp TriBeCa, and this time there is an accent!!

Shane is visiting from the Barry's London facility and so will not be a regular on the Barry's scene so take his class while you can. I took his full body class this past weekend and I loved it. Shane introduced himself to class and initially I wasn't sure that this was gonna be the ass-whooping I was cracking, he just seemed too nice as he introduced himself to everybody I. The room (it was a small class) I was wrong!!!! Once the lights dimmed and the music pumped the sweet friendly kid that greeted us got swallowed whole by a raging wild Irishman!!
The class structure was different than what I was used to, we started with a 6 minute run which Shane explained would be pretty easy for 3 mins while we warmed up and then get progressively harder, it did.We alternated between incline runs and flat roads, every time we hit an incline it got a little steeper, every time we hit a flat road we ran a little faster. By the end of the first 6 minutes I was pleasantly breathless and it was time for a 6 minute floor session.
On the floor we started with pretty basic exercises, squat presses then push-ups then Plank-rows then mountain climbers, you get the idea, no crazy exercise but we just hit up every major muscle group and by now the pleasantness of my breathlessness had subsided, I was panting.
What followed were a series of 3 minute and 6 minute interval rounds, the only recovery time we got was in the transition from treadmill to floor and vice versa. We finished with a '4-ish' minute run as Shane described it, a 1 minute run, a 30 second sprint, another 1 minute run and a 1 minute sprint. Shane stressed over and over that he wanted us to get back in to our run speed 'as fast as humanly possible' after the 30 second sprint, he told us that for the first 10-20 seconds we would feel like we couldn't do it but that after about 20 seconds our body would adapt to the speed and we would be able to maintain the speed. He asked us to trust him and not half ass it, and despite my scepticism he was right, after our first sprint I immediately tried to run at my 7.0 run pace, and I thought I was going to die, but sure enough after 20 seconds or so of torture my body did adapt, I maintained the speed and I was genuinely pumped for that last 60 second sprint. I think that run is as hard as I have ever pushed myself, partly due to Shane's energy and words of encouragement but also because the song that was playing was timed perfectly to build with the run and drop for both the 30 second and 60 second sprints, I assume this wasn't an accident.
Perhaps the most impressive thing about the class was the energy that was created in the room, it was not a big class, maybe 10 people or so, if you know Barry's then you'll know that 40-50 per class is not uncommon. Despite the small numbers Shane managed to draw an incredible energy out of the room, I've seen new instructors who bounce around and try to throw lots and lots of energy at their clients and get nothing back, and Shane bounces around, and swings from the TRX straps hanging from the ceiling, but he drew the energy out of the clients in the room, we whooped and hollered and made what Shane described as 'sex noises' all though the hour.
All in all I have to say I was very impressed and will definitely be seeking Shane out on the schedule again before he goes, he asked me to trust him in class and now I do. Now I ask you to trust me and go check his class out, you won't be disappointed.
Hopefully we'll be seeing more of the crazy Irishman before he leaves. Barry's you gotta bring this kid back soon.

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