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Chest, Back & Abs with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
London Calling

by FitTiler on July 11, 2013

Today I took a new instructor at Barry's, Shane is from the London studio and is great you should check him out

Shane began class by telling us that as yesterday was leg day there would be no inclines and only optional sprints in our workout today. I liked this a lot, it's the first time I've heard an instructor make reference or make consideration for what had happened the ya before. Clever. Shane explained that today the runs would 'flush out' our legs after leg day.
True to his word we started with a 1 min jog, we then began a 6 minute progressive speed increase run. We started at a 6.5 for beginners, 7.5 intermediate and 8.5 advanced speed. Then every minute we added 0.4 to our speed which meant that at the end of the 6 mins we were running 2 full points faster than our starting speed. This was a nice way to begin class and it did seem to make the sluggishness I felt as a result of Tuesdays workout begin to subside. We recovered and then finished with a 3 min interval speed run. The 2nd run followed a similar pattern, a 6 minute run and recovery followed by a 3 min speed interval run. The 3rd run was much shorter and faster and included the optional sprints that Shane had discussed before class.
As for the floor, our first floor section was all about chest, ALL about chest, chest presses, hammer presses, chest flies, close grip presses, a little bit of ab work thrown in, it was pretty brutal, it was pretty unexpected. I expect brutal chest and back days from the big guys, from Joey and Courtney and Patrick but Shane is much leaner, he looks more like a soccer player or a tennis player. I assumed it would be a tame session, it was anything but. We lifted heavy, we fatigued, we lifted again. It was horrible, but it was great!!
The second floor session was all about back, not as intense as the chest section thankfully, but again very simple and very effective, 1 arm rows superman raises, underhand rows,it was uncomplicated and unforgiving.
We finished the session with a short ab section which finished me off just nicely. All things considered I'd say it was an excellently constructed and well considered class.
The only reason I did not give the class 5 stars was because of the music, it just wasn't loud enough. I mentioned this to Shane and he told me it was playing as loud as possible but, man, it did not feel like it, the song choice was good, at times i could feel the song build as we were running but as we sprinted and the song dropped there was just no pop to get me pumping. This was a massive shame because I think it would have made this excellent class even more impressive. Perhaps being a visiting instructor he just has not quite figured out how the sound system works 100%. I will be telling everybody I know to check Shane's class out before he leaves and I will be back for sure, hopefully to experience a booming playlist.

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