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Chest, Back & Abs with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
I wanna scream and shout.

by WRKOUTFIEND on July 11, 2013

This is my first review, and i usually just don't review classes.

I am officially obsessed with Shane's classes. He is fun, upbeat, sweet, and funny. Also out of class he is laid-back and nice and genuine. He takes time to sit with you if he sees or and says hi to pretty much everyone.
As for the class, it was an endurance run + weights.
The run :
INSANE. There was no incline, he alluded to the fact that yesterday was a leg day so he would let our legs work out a different way, so we just did some massive runs. It was incredible. We would start off at a 6 and then run to a 10,11,12 for a full minute, then dip down to a 6, and then repeat.
The weights :
Fun! He gave a ton of great advise. Took time to perform the same exercise throughout the studio so you can actually SEE what the exercise looks like. He also corrects people. I love that. That is bliss. I am one of those people that LOVES to be touched by an instructor so i can get the best form and exercise possible.
In Summary:
Shane is incredible. Take his class. I'm on his second class and i'm a Shane groupie. And Shane, if you're reading this, don't stop touching, i mean correcting, our forms :)
You're awesome man!

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