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Vessel Flow with Margo Kellison @ Vessel Yoga
Yoga with Margo Kellison

by yoaglish on July 19, 2013

Margo is the embodiment of a yogi. Her demeanor is inviting and warm; she takes yoga very seriously and yet her class is lighthearted and forgiving. She is wonderful at encouraging students; she delivers directions and cues with a firm but pleasant teacher vibe, and she wants you to give your body what it wants, not what SHE thinks it wants. She knows that your body is only yours.

Of note, the music in this class is fantastic. One of my favorite yoga soundtracks - her classes are always full of fresh music.
Just TRY not to smile this this class! It's impossible. You'll also walk away with that coveted ""lighter after yoga"" feeling. She always makes my day better!
This place is also great because it's affordable. Some of these studios are starting to charge an arm and a leg for 60 minute classes. The one thing I find kind of creepy (but hilarious...) is the name of this class. "Vessel flow"? That sounds creepy and sexual. Or maybe am I just a perv. Haha! Anyway, it's a rockin' class, I've brought a few friends and she never fails to disappoint.

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