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Vinyasa Yoga with Merav Ben Horin @ Reebok Sports Club
Miracle Vinyasa of Elegant Intensity

by Burner6944 on July 24, 2013

Merav's class is a work of art. From the top and throughout she creates/holds a space that is open and light, building the flow gracefully to very strong intensity, then unwinding and releasing through a generous arc of closing postures. Her timing in all this is impeccable. Part of what makes the class work so well, and makes it unique every time, is her sensitive reading of the group, its energy-state and collective vibe. She's highly attuned to the students individually as well and generous with adjustments, but never disconnects from the moment-to-moment of the room. Her music choices are gorgeous and conducive to depth and focus, not going for the cheap adrenalin kick or mind-distraction I sometimes experience with other class 'playlists'. All the above adds up in a way that you work deeper, yet with greater ease. And walk out on a cushion of air.

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