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Butt & Legs with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
Run run run RUN

by Gymyogabunny on July 25, 2013

Took this class because a friend of mine had been raving about this new Barry's instructor. The new instructor delivered!! We ran, I mean we really RAN! This was easily the toughest treadmill section I've done at Barry's, not the fastest run, there weren't that many sprints, but we ran a lot. It's different than what I'm used to, but different is good. I loved that Shane told us what was coming in each run (everybody should do that) there were one or two times when I thought that the runs were on the edge of being a little too much but I suppose that's the point isn't it??

The floor section was awful in the best possible way. We did some exercises with benches and bands that I'd never seen the other instructors do. It was fresh, and it was tough!! Shane's energy is great, he's a confident kid but not in the same a$$hole way that a lot of instructors are, and he has fun, which makes me have fun, even when I want to die, or I want him to die!!!
I'm not sure I'll get to take Shane's class before he leaves which is a terrible shame but I do hope he'll be back. Shane keep being awesome and WHEN you become one of those star instructors that everybody talks about please stay as you are, don't become an a$$hole.
PS your music is killer, so is your accent!!!

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