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Arms & Abs with Shane Collins @ Barry's Bootcamp
Britain's Got Talent

by LittleBigBurn on July 26, 2013

Kinda feeling like everything this week revolved around happenings in London so it's only appropriate that we review Barry's British import of the month, Shane Collins.

On Shane:
Don't let his boyish good looks fool you. This guy is ADORABLE. When he came out of the room to say hi and welcome everyone in I was like awww look at this cute dude all the way from London! Want to know what's not adorable? EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS CLASS. Crikey, this guy is legit and he means business.
Calm and Confident. Shane doesn't get riled up, like ever. He sort of remained the exact same level of cool and in-control the whole time.
Excellent explanations. Probably one of the best Barry's instructors I've had in terms of being clear in his descriptions of what he wanted us to do on the floor.
On the Class:
It's really hard, you guys. I struggled...a lot...on the treadmill. I would rate this class as one of the top two hardest classes I've had at Barry's to-date.
Run really fast and don't stop. His tread section was very intense. Always in a 6.5 - 11.5 range with most of the class spent between 8.5-10.5. Incline never went above a 2.0, he was much more about speed. Bunch of badasses in that room though people were running their hearts. One look around though and it was clear, I was not the only one struggling.
Straight-forward but difficult floor section. On the floor, Shane kept it simple. No fancy complicated moves necessary but he  more than got the job done. At one point I realized I was doing triceps kick backs with 12-pound weights and I am a tiny little person who normally does not do things like that. There were enormous muscle men in front of me who were wincing in pain as well.
Don't turn around. JK actually turn around. While on our knees on the bench Shane had us face the treadmills while using a resistance band which activated some muscles in my arms which I swear have never been touched. I LOVE instructors who hit normally stagnant muscle groups. Get all up in there.
More arms than abs. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted. However the last minute of class was spent doing double time bicycle kicks and my abs felt like they were bleeding so there's that....
Corrections. Shane made 'em. He's a pro.
Minor gripe. I swear Shane said multiple times that we were finishing up but like we weren't. Don't lie to me, man. LBB don't play like that.
On the music:
Pretty awesome. I think I even heard a JLo tune and some Destiny's Child mashup that I was totally into. Mostly dance pop remixes and whatnot though.
Random aside:
I took Shane later in the week again so I could enjoy more of his sweet sweet British brand of Barry's and this was my text to Lactic immediately following class. AKA DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MR.COLLINS.
All in All:
Even though it sucks for Shane that he missed the birth of Prince William and Duchess Kate's son, future King George VII, it worked out just super for us Americans who got to spend time with him. This bloke is the real deal! A ridiculously straightforward and effective workout. COME BACK SOON!!

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