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As Michele would say, I love Spintastical Tuesdays!

by Burner7491 on August 24, 2013

I take all of Michele's classes.  I love her Vbarre classes at this gym and at East 36th.  But her cycling classes push me mentally and physically to "be the person I want to become".  After a long day, there is truly nothing better than taking her Tuesday night cycling classes.  She brings so much energy and passion into the room - it's contagious.  Even when the stereo wasn't working, she would smile and give us the best class EVER.  Even when she lost her voice because the stereo wasn't working, she taught the best class ever!  Nothing slows her down.  Michele tells us what kind of ride is ahead at the beginning, so we can prepare.  Michele tells us how we should feel at different parts of the ride - this is GREAT!  Her music is varied so she plays to everyone's likings (rock, top 40, oldies, mashups, etc.).  Unlike many Spinning instructors, Michele is a good form critic and cares about us.  While she's making a joke (yes, she does that), she's watching our cadence or if we're slouching over the

handlebars.  BTW, Michele is so funny - she makes me smile every week!
Overall, Michele is an excellent instructor and she's fun to be around.  In addition to her Miss Motivational blog, her cycling classes inspire me to be active with NYSC.  You should try her classes out and see for yourself!

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