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Hot Power Vinyasa Flow with Halle Becker @ Earth Yoga NYC
I pledge allegiance...to Halle Becker

by Burner15382 on September 13, 2016

There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Halle, and the type of yoga teacher she is. My mother is a yoga instructor, and I've been practicing for close to 10 years, and yet - Halle is the only person who is able to bridge together an insanely cleansing, challenging, and strength building workout class with an uplifting, hilarious, therapeutic, spiritual experience.

Combine the fact that she's an extremely talented instructor with knowledge and finesse when it comes to alignment, modifications and overall sequencing - and add her real talk to kick ass playlists and you get a truly moving experience that reminds you how and why yoga is one of the only things that tethers us to solace and grounds us beyond belief. She's one of the funniest, most authentic people on this planet - and the energy in her class is safe, lighthearted, and badass. Halle makes you feel like a rockstar.
DON'T think twice - take her class. You will sweat, feel stronger, and your heart will be full of love and contentment when you're done. Halle brings you back home to yourself - and kicks your butt along the way.

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